Digital Printed Blinds

Digital printing is changing the way we look at design, elevating blinds and awnings from their traditional form to a modern feature of indoor and outdoor styling.

Transform your blinds and awnings from simple form and function, to stylish design elements or statement pieces within your home or business.

We can print photos, drawings, logos, patterns, designs, text, colours… the possibilities are endless to customise your blinds to suit your space!

Follow the lead of high profile architects, designers and popular television shows by incorporating this growing trend and convert your blinds and awnings with virtually unlimited design options.

Custom printed blinds are a fantastic way to add privacy to any space, screen off those unwanted neighbours and of course the sun. You have the option of blockout, and light filtering material. Our blinds are custom designed and sized to fit almost any window, balcony or door. With printed blinds you take creative control and design your very own custom printed blinds.