Our terms and conditions as outlined below are effective as of 17th June 2019. To ensure that you have the latest version or have any questions, Please do not hesitate to contact our office. 


1. The price stated on the Invoice is subject to a check measure being completed by Complete Shutters Australia and or there contractors.

2. The quoted price is valid for 30 days from the quote date. If your quote is not accepted within 30 days, your quote is subject for review and any promotional period offers may be void.

3. Should the original sizes, type of material and/or volume or scope of work vary from those shown in the accepted quotation and agreed Scope Of Works, Complete Shutters Australia reserves the right to vary the price accordingly.

4. The quotation relates only to the work specified and set out in the quotation.

5. If the installation of the contract works is interrupted or delayed by the failure on the part of the client to adhere to the work schedule and/or agreements, and such an interruption or delay causes additional costs to Complete Shutters Australia, then Complete Shutters Australia shall be entitled to add to the contract sum of any additional costs incurred. 


1. Given the nature of custom-made Window Furnishings, orders cannot be amended or cancelled once production has commenced and full payment for the agreed order will remain due and payable.

2. Deposit: A Deposit of 50% is payable upon acceptance of the Quotation.

3. Balance/Final Payment: The remaining balance of 50% is payable 48 hours prior to the scheduled installation date. Should the order be ready and available and the client requests to delay installation (due to building works or other factors) and Complete Shutters Australia agrees to hold the goods in storage for a maximum of 4 weeks from the original install date, But the remaining balance becomes immediately payable regardless of the installation date.

4. Payments by cheque will not be accepted.

5. Title of the goods will not pass until full payment and cleared funds have been received by Complete Shutters Australia.   


The client is afforded protection under the provisions of Australian Consumer Law and related Consumer Guarantees as well as product specific Warranty. As such, there will be no provision for Retention in this supply agreement and/or contract. The client enters into the supply agreement on the clear understanding that no amount whatsoever will be held or retained under this contract for any reason and agrees that full payment of the agreed price is due and payable to Complete Shutters Australia under the terms of this contract.


Complete Shutters Australia will make every effort to place the production order and make all necessary arrangements to have the goods manufactured, delivered and be available for installation within eight weeks of the Deposit payment date. The client understands and accepts that this timeframe is indicative and may be shorter or longer depending on the time of year and particularly during Festive periods. Nonetheless, from time to time unforeseeable delays may occur due to the manufacturing process, shipping or other factors which are outside Complete Shutters Australia direct control. In such cases, Complete Shutters Australia undertakes to try and expedite the matter wherever possible, to advise the client of any delays and the client agrees that Complete Shutters Australia will not be held responsible for any such delays.


The client agrees to provide access to the installation site on the scheduled installation days/times as agreed and will be responsible for ensuring that 30 amp/ 240 volt power is supplied free to the site within 20 meters of any area where the work is to be undertaken.


1. All furniture obstructing the work area will be removed by the client wherever possible and if not or cannot be moved Complete Shutters Australia must be advised prior to install date.

2. In the event that Complete Shutters Australia undertakes to move furniture and/or electrical appliances, all care will be taken but no responsibility will be accepted for any damage, breakage or loss.

3. All personal items including valuables, breakables, ornaments, furnishings and the like must be removed by the client.

4. All existing window furnishings will be removed and disposed of by the client unless alternative prior arrangements have been made and allowed for by Complete Shutters Australia.


1. The installation trade works will be carried out to the highest professional standards and in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations as well as the relevant Australian Standards where applicable.

2. The installation works / workmanship will be covered for 12 Months from the date of installation.

3. Window furnishings are made square and no responsibility will be taken for ill-fitting due to out-of-square windows.

4. Warranty is provided to the original purchaser only and will be invalid if full payment isn’t received.

5. Product Warranty is product-specific, and reference should be made to the relevant warranty and information.